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Recent news

13.01.2021 - Technology, Startups

Latvia ranked as the most startup-friendly country in Europe
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08.01.2021 - Technology, IT

Latvia ranks third in Europe on mobile data consumption
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airBaltic wins high Covid-19 safety rating
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28.12.2020 - Companies

TheSoul Publishing will open a digital content studio in Riga
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28.12.2020 - Companies

“Madara Cosmetics” received World Intellectual Property Organization Trophy
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23.12.2020 - Real estate

A new production building is being built in Liepaja
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16.12.2020 - Innovation, IT, Transport and logistics

Underwater drones manufactured in the Port of Riga successfully compete in the world markets
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09.12.2020 - Innovation, Technology, Healthcare

First-ever contact-free COVID testing station set up in Latvia
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04.12.2020 - Real estate

One of the largest business centers in Riga is being built in Skanste
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01.12.2020 - Companies, IT

Swisscom opens DevOps Center in Latvia
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20.11.2020 - Startups, Companies

Printful ranked 254th fastest-growing company in North America
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19.11.2020 - Innovation, Real estate, Technology

Giraffe360 raises a $4.5M funding round
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19.11.2020 - Startups, Companies

Mintos starts crowdfunding with record-breaking EUR 5.3M on first day
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19.11.2020 - Technology, IT

Latvia launches the first 5G military test site in Europe
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13.11.2020 - Technology, Startups, IT

Xheero becomes official partner of technology giant Alibaba Cloud
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09.11.2020 - Companies

Launching Decathlon brand in Latvia sends a positive message about our market’s potential
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28.10.2020 - Companies, Transport and logistics

New “Stena Line” ferries on the route Nynäshamn-Ventspils
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26.10.2020 - Real estate, Economy, Companies

FDI Intelligence includes the Freeport of Ventspils in the top ten most promising free economic zones in the world
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23.10.2020 - Companies, Metalworking

Global state-of-the-art logistics plant opens in Liepaja
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23.10.2020 - Startups, IT

Riga-based translation startup Lokalise raises €5 million to hire top talent, and goes fully remote
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21.10.2020 - Economy

Latvia ranks 2nd in International Tax Competitiveness Index
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20.10.2020 - Economy, IT

Latvia ranks 4th in the eGovernment Benchmark 2020
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16.10.2020 - Innovation, Food processing

Latvian scientists obtaining cabbage powder through new technology
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16.10.2020 - Technology, IT, Smart city

LMT and MikroTik establish the first 5G laboratory in Latvia
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08.10.2020 - Transport and logistics

Port of Riga could start servicing capesize vessels next year
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17.09.2020 - Economy, Companies, GBS

Norwegian establishes support office company in Latvia – several new jobs offered in Riga
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16.09.2020 - Startups, IT

We invite You to participate in online event Spotlight: Belarus Tech
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07.09.2020 - Economy, Companies, IT

Already 10 Belarusian companies have expressed a wish to relocate their operations to Latvia
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03.09.2020 - Technology, IT

Digital Innovation Park founded in Liepaja
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Visit Latvian National Booth at CIFIT 2020
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LIAA offers Belarus entrepreneurs to relocate their business to Latvia
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11.08.2020 - Technology, Transport and logistics, Smart city

Driverless shuttle-bus ready to take you for a spin in Jelgava
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29.07.2020 - Companies, IT

LMT provides a high-capacity data network for scientists to help battle cancer and combat the COVID-19 crisis
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29.07.2020 - Technology, Companies, IT, Smart city

LMT becomes the first in the Baltics to implement an LTE-M network for the next generation of IoT
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27.07.2020 - Companies, IT

Latvia develops first chess-learning platform in the world
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20.07.2020 - Companies

The Lidl logistics center building in Dreiliņi is put into operation
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16.07.2020 - Technology, IT, Green technology

More than €14 million will be available for business and innovation development
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14.07.2020 - Product design, Companies, IT

Latvian designer wins NASA acclaim
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06.07.2020 - Transport and logistics

A new ferry line Baltic Link has been launched at the Port of Riga
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18.06.2020 - Technology, Transport and logistics

The Freeport of Riga is introducing digital technologies to speed-up cargo flow handling
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01.06.2020 - Transport and logistics

Riga International Airport 5th best in the Eastern Europe
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29.05.2020 - Technology, IT

Latvia launches the first publicly available contact tracing app using Apple and Google API
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22.05.2020 - Companies, Metalworking

Caljan is building a new factory in the former Liepājas Metalurgs territory
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20.05.2020 - Real estate, IT

Latvian e-commerce business development center will be created
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07.05.2020 - Companies, Healthcare

iCotton will invest 6.58 mln in company`s development
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16.04.2020 - Companies, Food processing

Laima's new plant in Ādaži has been put into operation
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10.04.2020 - Technology, Companies, Healthcare

Aranet Releases A Large-Scale Wireless Body Temperature Monitoring Solution for Hospitals Battling COVID-19
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03.04.2020 - Real estate, Transport and logistics

The NHC will build a logistics park worth 18.3 million
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05.02.2020 - GBS

Latvia takes part at the International Business Services Center Award
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