23.10.2020 - Companies, Engineering and metalworking

Global state-of-the-art logistics plant opens in Liepaja

On Friday, October 23, the new Caljan plant opens in Liepaja, constructed on the former site of Liepajas metalurgs steelworks. After the collapse of the former Liepajas metalurgs metal industry giant, efforts to restore it only brought real results about two years ago.

“In August 2018, a protocol of intentions was signed which put forward the idea of setting up a modern industrial park in the former area of Metalurgs. Practical actions have taken place all this time. In September 2019, an agreement was signed with AS Citadele banka and the subsidiary company Hortus RE for the purchase of real estate. That started a practical job of returning the site to the economy,” said Uldis Hmieļevskis, deputy manager of Liepaja Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

The most visible result of the work on the former site of Metalurgs is the new and modern plant of SEZ company Caljan. The company makes specialized conveyors for the logistics industry, most of which are telescopic conveyors for mailing and purchases of goods over the Internet. One of the largest customers is the U.S. company Amazon, but it is difficult to name a place in the world to which the conveyors produced in Liepaja are not exported.

The company's representative Gatis Dradeika said that a very modern plant was built in Liepaja, adapted to the needs of workers. “The specifics of Caljan — the main tool for our production is the human if it can be said so. People do everything with their hands: welding, painting and assembling these machines. We have met all the requirements, including air exchange, etc. It is the most modern telescopic conveyor factory in the world,” Dradeika said.

Gatis Dradeika, mentioned the future benefits of the Metalurgs site: "A very powerful electrical supply had been wired to the Metalurgs' furnace. Such connections are topical for today's information-technology companies Google, Facebook."

Liepajas SEZ Deputy Manager Uldis Hmieļevskis has now called the area the “greenest” industrial park in Europe, as it will be possible for green-minded producers to develop their business in this area.

Source: eng.lsm.lv

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