14.07.2020 - Product design, Companies, ICT

Latvian designer wins NASA acclaim

The sensor “AMII” created by the Latvian company “KOB ART” is ranked among the winners and recognized as the best prototype in a competition launched by the U.S.' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

For the competition, inventors from around the world were invited to create a mechanical barrier management and detection sensor for an “AREE” robot being developed for a future mission to the planet Venus. Representatives from the company said NASA would consider options for how their ideas and solutions could be incorporated into future NASA missions.

The competition launched by NASA involved 572 offers from 80 different countries.

The first place in the competition was obtained by an Egyptian architect; the second-place was awarded to an American team; third place went to an Australian. Latvian "AMII" Sensor was awarded the “Best prototype” and the $2,000 prize.

“KOB ART” is a design company that handles product design, environmental and light installations, as well as special projects for personalized wishes.

Source: lsm.lv

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