12.05.2023 - Fintech, Technology

Latvian-made banking app design bags A' Design Award Gold

UXDA, the Latvia-based design agency specialised in fintech and financial products, has won Gold in the Mobile Technologies, Applications, and Software Design category of the A’ Design Award. The agency won for its design of a conversational banking app. 

The award-winning app, created for Liveperson, demonstrates the potential for using AI and machine learning solutions to provide next-gen banking products enriched with personalised, contextual responses that establish an emotional bond with users. 

“This amazing Gold award perfectly shows how AI-powered solutions such as ChatGPT could fuel next-gen products in banking. Integrating innovative technologies often causes complications in terms of product design, and this is where advanced financial UX design comes to the fore,” comments Alex Kreger, CEO and Founder of UXDA.

UXDA’s client, Liveperson, challenged the team to create a never-before-seen banking interface and full-range retail banking services. After the initial research, UXDA understood that this was one of the first attempts to create full-featured, AI-powered conversational banking.

“We tried to dive deeper into digital human behaviour to find a new edge for the banking experience. This required courage and an innovative approach to combine cutting-edge technology with a design rooted in beauty, love and empathy. This is an example of how disruptive AI technologies could be integrated into the banking experience with the help of customer-centred UX design,” UXDA explains.

The company believes that AI-powered solutions could fuel new types of products in banking, more personalised and connected to users, but integrating innovative technologies often causes complications in terms of user experience. And here, the methods of financial UX design are very effective, as they help to imagine the unimaginable and create a digital solution, focusing on users’ needs.

Finds inspiration beyond banking world

“When designing the user experience for this AI-powered financial product, our goal was to evoke feelings of futurism, curiosity and innovation. We wanted to create an emotional and philosophy-driven design that exudes sophistication and balance. To achieve a unique result, we drew inspiration from Bella’s founder and great visionary Angelo D’Alessandro,” shares Director and Co-Founder of UXDA, Linda Zaikovska-Daukste.

The UXDA product team sought to infuse the product with the colours of a Los Angeles sunrise, the ambience of Florence’s Duomo Cathedral and even the peacefulness of Japanese Zen gardens. “By drawing inspiration from outside the banking world, together we were able to bring fresh perspectives to the digital product and create a truly unique user experience,” the company comments.

One more award in its growing collection

Winning the A’Design Award is a remarkable achievement for the UXDA team and the financial industry in general. Entries to the A’Mobile Design Awards are peer-reviewed and anonymously judged by a grand jury panel of academics, press representatives, and established professionals. Among previous winners are brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Vodafone, Nike, Lenovo, and Nissan.

UXDA has previously received multiple international awards for its financial product design, including at the IF Design Awards, Banking Technology Awards, Muse Creative Awards, Vega Digital Awards, International Design Awards, DNA Paris Awards, European Business Awards, and Summit International Awards. It has also received a Red Dot Design Award nomination.

Source: UXDA
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