23.04.2021 - Diaspora, LIAA

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia launches “Relocation Guide to Latvia”

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) has developed “Relocation Guide to Latvia”, which features all the basics at a glance of moving to Latvia and everyday living. 

“Relocation Guide to Latvia” is a material that helps investors, foreign professionals, and Latvian diaspora navigate through the process of moving to Latvia and integrate into the labour market and local culture and community. The material is available in the section “For Investors – Moving to Latvia”. “Investinlatvia.org” is a website that presents investment opportunities in Latvia. Currently, the country focuses on high value-added industries, such as ICT, GBS, Bioeconomy, Smart cities, Biomedicine and Photonics and Smart Materials; therefore, the guide also targets industry professionals.

“Latvia is a country that can be proud of smart people and bright personalities and excels in uniting not only culture, art, sports, but also science, innovations and business across different countries and continents. We can develop our excellence only if we are open to new ideas; therefore, Latvia aims to attract international talent. We have created “Relocation Guide to Latvia”, which will be a practical guide for everyone who sees Latvia as a place to develop their talent and reach goals in business and innovation development,” emphasizes Girts Blumers, Director of Investment Project Department.

“Relocation Guide to Latvia” allows readers to picture themselves what it is like to live in Latvia. It contains insider information, such as fun facts about Latvia, quick links, and high-quality visual materials. A welcoming letter from the President of Latvia Egils Levits is included too, where he emphasizes that Latvia is an internationally engaged and open country with a vibrant economy, innovative start-up community and rich cultural life. 

The material serves as a practical resource to those who wish to move to Latvia. Every person who has considered moving to Latvia has their reasons and story behind such a decision.

Zinta Jansons, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, says: “One of the best decisions I ever made was to move to Latvia. Latvia has become a modern agile nation where opportunities abound. Accessibility is characteristic of all aspects of life in Latvia whether it is a vibrant urban community, rich culture and arts, a family-friendly environment or active business community with a myriad of professional growth opportunities.”

Speaking about his reasons to move to Latvia, Kim Leandersson, Head of the Regional Delivery Center in the Baltics at Cognizant, adds: “My initial plan was to go to Latvia for a six-month project. After that, it got extended and then again. I’m still here some eight years later. Why? Because I like it here and it’s now my home. It’s hard to point out one reason why I like Latvia, it’s more the sum of many reasons, but strong ones are the people, nature and the calmness.”

The guide has three major sections – “Moving to Latvia”, “Employment and Entrepreneurship”, and “Everyday life”. The first section covers visas and residence permits and the practicalities of finding housing and moving in. The second part discloses local labour market peculiarities and the start-up scene in Latvia. The third section gives the feel of what it is like to live in Latvia, covering the basics of the language, culture and sports, and more practical questions, such as healthcare, education and integration. 

Those who are still planning to relocate to Latvia find the guide to be very insightful as well: “My wife and I were born and raised in Canada; however, we are planning to move because of the entrepreneurial possibilities that Latvia offers. The relocation guide has been incredibly useful and clarified a great deal not only regarding work and life in Latvia, but also how to go about actually making the move,” reveals Dainis Kalnins from Canada.

The “Relocation Guide to Latvia” has been compiled by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia in cooperation with the strategic communications agency ERDA and the strategic content marketing agency True Six.

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