29.09.2021 - Smart city, Startups

Latvian startup Fixar equips drones with the BlackBox

From now on Fixar, a Latvian startup, equips all its outdoor drones with the additional BlackBox system for UAV flight data logging. It will enable to increase traceability and accountability of the aircraft and contribute to safer air traffic.

The Fixar BlackBox is an advanced logging system that allows the system to record complete and detailed information of onboard flight activities and parameters such as settings, missions, sensor’s data, user commands, automatic control and payload information. 

It consists of a lightweight separate module that records all flight data into technical logs and LogExport software to process these logs for user purposes. This feature allows the geotagging to be available to operators at any time, even if the drone is powered off. The drone user or any other party is not able to interfere or modify the logged data, and data extraction from the device is performed wireless for an effortless process. 

The main objective of the BlackBox is to increase safety by providing detailed data for mission analysis, identify faults in case of the incidents and contribute to a more efficient monitoring and problem-solving and overall UAV industry security and development.

Fixar is a software and design developer, powering commercial autonomous UAVs for industrial applications. It has a startup visa that allows the company to develop its business in Latvia. 

In August 2021, it also received Transport Canada regulator’s certificate to fly beyond the visual line of sight of the drone’s pilot (BVLOS), wrote Labs of Latvia. It prevents humans from being placed in a dangerous situation, increasing the efficiency of the missions that are often outside visual line of sight (VLO). Earlier this year Fixar launched manufacturing up to 1,200 units of Fixar VTOL drone per year in Canada.

Source: labsoflatvia.com

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