19.03.2021 - Real estate

Press House Quarter will improve the Knowledge Mile

The Press House Quarter created by the developer Lords LB Special Fund V, the 1st phase of which will be built by JSC UPB for 76.8 million euros, will be located in Riga Knowledge Mile in Pardaugava, in the territory of the former publishing house Preses nams in Balasta dam.

Project architect, Arhis Arhitekti manager Andris Kronbergs is pleased that with the signing of construction contract, one of the big urban planning ideas of Riga will be implemented - opposite the historical center of Riga and Old Riga, on the left bank of the Daugava river, creating a new longitudinal center of Riga. This area will fulfill educational, cultural, business and residential as well as public functions.

“Its formation and implementation has already begun. Complexes of the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, RISEBA University, Riga Stradins University are being built, the National Library has been built and there is a hope that other cultural objects of national significance will appear in this area, such as the National Concert Hall and others. I would like to emphasize and express my satisfaction that, thanks to the excellent work, understanding, goals and ideals of the client, working together in a great international team of architects and engineers, we have been able to develop and maintain ideas that were and are embedded in the concept of development of this area. Some of them are - multifunctionality, intensive development of public outdoor space, promotion of waterfront and embankment usage, integrity in the city and involvement. I hope and believe that already with the implementation of the first development phase and especially with the next development phases and other area development, Ķīpsala South end business center will become more than just a sign for the development and dynamics of Riga, and it will also be a popular and actively used place by the locals. There are all prerequisites for this,” says the architect.

In addition to office and multifunctional center buildings, the project will also include large green areas and recreation areas, as well as infrastructure specially adapted for pedestrians and cyclists. The construction works are expected to be completed within 24 months after receiving the construction permit.


In the first phase of the project, 25,000 m2 are intended for Class A offices and 40,000 m2 for the creation of multifunctional premises (commercial premises, 1,000 above-ground parking lots and various recreation areas). In addition to the Class A office premises, which will meet the BREEAM certificate Excellent standard and provide workplaces for around 2,500 people, there will also be common areas, a dining area, shops, bicycle sheds, 1,000 parking lots, electric car charging stations, walking areas and terraces with greenery. 

The project of the Press House Quarter has been developed by an international team of top-level architects. Arhis Architekti from Latvia, led by architect Andris Kronbergs, KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten from Germany, as well as Arrow Architects from Denmark.

Source: db.lv

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