03.09.2021 - Companies, Economy

Kärcher to open factory in Latvia

The German group Kärcher plans to set up a new production facility in Latvia, the group's board member Michael Häusermann has confirmed.

Initially, the Latvian facility will produce spare parts for utility cars adapted to perform various economic functions, such as street maintenance, but it is planned to later start assembling these cars in the facility too. The main targets of this production are municipalities, horticulture companies, as well as companies dealing with landscape building and landscaping.

Kärcher has already purchased space for production facilities in Jelgava municipality, Cenu parish, where a production plant and a warehouse will be located. The facility is planned to create around 200 jobs.

Minister of Economics Jānis Vitenbergs (National Alliance) noted that Kärcher is a world-class brand that will strengthen Latvia's mechanical engineering industry by producing high-value-added products. “This is proof that we are competitive and can provide all the necessary conditions for such companies and significant foreign investments to enter Latvia,” said Vitenbergs.

Source: eng.lsm.lv

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