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Crimppi’s fourth factory will open in Latvia

Crimppi, Finland’s leading wire harness manufacturer, continues its strong growth journey. The group will next open a new subsidiary in Latvia. The factory will start its operations in the first quarter of 2024. Crimppi’s existing factories in Finland, Croatia and China will continue to operate as normal.

Crimppi’s factory in Latvia will expand the group’s factory network and enable a more diversified service to customers. The new factory will be able to ramp-up its production quickly, as we will initially transfer some of the existing orders from the Croatian factory, says Timo Harri, CEO of Crimppi.

Latvia – a strategic and green choice

Latvia was chosen as the location for the new factory for geographical and environmental reasons. The location minimises internal transport between factories, and the distance of imported goods to customers is significantly reduced.

Thanks to production in Latvia, we can reduce the carbon footprint of our products and serve our customers more efficiently from a logistical point of view. At the same time, the new factory frees up capacity in other factories, enabling growth. Our Croatian factory, for example, will be able to serve Central and Southern Europe to a greater extent, Harri points out.

The Latvian factory is located in the western part of the country in the Liepāja region. It is close to the country’s second largest harbour with regular marine traffic. As a result of the region’s lively industry sector, there is a good supply of suitable labour. The plan is to rapidly increase the number of employees in the coming years. The long-term goal is to develop Crimppi Latvia into a factory with more than 100 employees.

I am excited about the opportunity to build Crimppi’s new subsidiary in Latvia. The new factory in Liepāja will support Crimppi’s strategy well and contribute to further growth. We are now recruiting the first employees who will be sent for training to Crimppi’s other factories. This way, we can ensure a high level of expertise and product quality right from the start, states Ingus Palapis, Crimppi Latvia’s Factory Manager.

Crimppi invests despite recession

The challenging global economic situation often affects companies’ purchasing and business operations. However, Crimppi wants to swim against the current by developing and investing in the future – even in this market situation.

– We have made all our major investments during recessions. We believe in what we do, and the products we make will be in increasing demand as the green transition moves forward. We will continue our strategy of strong growth with confidence and determination, says Harri.

While Crimppi is investing in machinery at its factory in Latvia, it is also making significant machinery investments at its Vaasa factory. The factory and machinery investments will strengthen Crimppi’s position as a leading manufacturer of wire harnesses also on a global level.

Source: Press release (www.crimppi.com)
Photo: Crimppi Latvia, Liepāja

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