22.07.2021 - Economy

Latvia is the largest exporter of peat in the world

According to the calculations of the International Trade Center, in 2020, Latvia was in the first place in the world in terms of the amount of exported peat already third year in a row. 

In 2020, Latvia exported 1.97 million tons of peat, Germany - 1.50 million tons, and Canada - 1.42 million tons of peat. In 2020, Estonia exported 1.32 million tonnes, the Netherlands 1.24 million tonnes and Ireland 0.93 million tonnes of peat.

In 2019, Latvia exported 1.71 million tons, Germany - 1.44 million tons, and Canada - 1.19 million tons of peat. In 2019, Estonia exported 1.08 million tons, Lithuania 0.87 million tons, and Ireland 0.79 million tons of peat.

In 2018, Latvia exported 1.85 million tons of peat, Germany - 1.59 million tons, and Canada - 1.23 million tons. In 2018, Estonia exported 1.04 million tons, Lithuania 0.84 million tons and Ireland 0.77 million tons of peat.

Until 2018, Germany was the world's largest exporter of peat. The main importers of peat on the world market are Germany, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, the Republic of Korea,

In monetary terms, Latvia ranks second in the world in terms of peat exports, lagging behind Canada. In 2020, Latvia's income from peat exports was 237 million US dollars, in 2019 - 209 million dollars, but in 2018 - 211 million dollars.

Source: nra.lv

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