05.03.2021 - Innovation, Technology, Transport and logistics

Innovative technologies enhance the Port of Riga

Due to intense competition in the region the ability of each port to offer the fastest, cheapest and most efficient cargo handling solutions is becoming increasingly important. The competitive advantage of the Port of Riga is being fostered by unique handling technologies and equipment, which are designed and manufactured here in Latvia, by the company “Smartteh”. Furthermore, the equipment originally created for the port of Riga has also become a sought-after Latvian export product.

During the five years of operation, a dozen different innovative loading solutions have been developed at the “Smartteh” production facility. The equipment designed by the company operates in the Riga port companies “Jaunzeltiņi”, “KS Terminal” and “WT Terminal”. Currently, one of the most ambitious projects of recent times - an impressive dry bulk cargo conveyor line at the “B port” terminal – is almost finished. Container systems and various types of loading solutions manufactured in Latvia have already been implemented in Russia, Germany, Finland, Turkey and other countries.

Cooperation with the Riga port companies has been an important starting point for the development of the company “Smartteh”. 

“Trust from foreign clients is much higher if we can demonstrate ready-made products in our portfolio,” said Mārtiņš Niķis, Member of the “Smartteh” Board. “In cooperation with port companies, efficient solutions have been developed, which are successfully used to provide services to our customers even in very remote places where our equipment has been exported. We can remotely monitor the productivity of the equipment and identify damaged elements, providing immediate support,” added Mārtiņš Niķis.

The technology developed by “Smartteh” - an innovative equipment for loading logs into containers -, has been implemented by the Riga port company “Jaunzeltiņi” - one of the largest port terminal operators specializing in timber cargo handling and loading. The log loading system is designed to place timber cargo quickly and efficiently on a special platform to be automatically loaded into a container.

“The new technology is another step to increase the efficiency of the terminal, with the aim to offer our clients a cheaper and higher quality service. With one piece of equipment we can replace the work of about five loaders. Currently, the containerization can be performed in a smaller area, and timber can be stacked in higher stacks, as a result of which the cargo at the terminal can be handled simultaneously in larger volumes, ” said Artūrs Veispāls, Chairman of the “Jaunzeltiņi” Board, highlighting the advantages of the new “Smartteh” equipment. 

“Moreover, such equipment cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It was invented, designed and implemented right here. The export potential of the new technology is evident - our partners and competitors from other countries expressed their interest in this equipment even before it was installed,” added Artūrs Veispāls.

Port companies need efficient and modern technological solutions, and equipment manufacturer “Smartteh” - an opportunity to implement ideas and projects, test and improve equipment in real operation. As a result of this cooperation, the production of exportable innovative products in Latvia has been developed and continues to evolve.

Source: rop.lv

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