06.07.2021 - Woodworking

OBBA CARBON produces charcoal for the French market

The limited liability company "OBBA CARBON" is focused on the production and wholesale of charcoal. The manufacturing company has two structural units. The first structural unit is in Mārciena, the Madona region, where the company produces charcoal and process wood. The manufactured product is transported to the company's second structural unit in Pļaviņas. In this unit, the product is packaged and stored in a warehouse until "OBBA CARBON" sends it to the buyer.

"OBBA CARBON" end product is charcoal to cook BBQ food. It is considered an environmentally friendly fuel from renewable sources. The company produces charcoal from soft, deciduous trees, such as alder and aspen, which grow fast.

The limited liability company "OBBA CARBON" was founded by two companies registered in France and Estonia in cooperation with the French company "La Forrestiere Du Nord". This company is a major European wholesale supplier of charcoal to the EU distribution networks. "La Forrestiere Du Nord" has been buying charcoal throughout the Baltic region and especially in Latvia for more than 20 years. The management decided to open a new charcoal production plan - "OBBA CARBON" - to increase sales in the French market.

To increase the number of investments for the manufacturing development, "OBBA CARBON" plans to attract financing from Latvian credit institutions, such as the financial institution "ALTUM".

The company also receives part of the investment funds for purchasing new equipment and raw materials from the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), which supports the development of new companies in Latvia. "OBBA CARBON" has been cooperating with LIAA since 2019 and is a member of "LIAA Madona Business Incubator".

OBBA CARBON cooperates with the international organizations "FSC" and "EARTHWORM", which monitor compliance with woodworking requirements, including animal protection in these forests, and aims to pass on a carefully preserved environment to future generations. These organizations also monitor the rights of employees, which include official employment contracts, sanitary standards in the production facilities, as well as the use of personal protective equipment during working hours.

OBBA CARBON believes that Latvia is suitable for public investment in the woodworking sector, the investment climate is attractive, and the support of Latvian public authorities makes these investments reliable and secure.

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