31.03.2021 - Technology, Transport & logistics, Green technology

InPass is developing a monitoring system for marine emissions

InPass, the innovation company from Liepaja, together with Liepaja University Faculty of Science and Engineering and two Danish partners are developing monitoring systems for ship emissions. The result will be a measuring device, namely, a communications controller.

Raivis Ekšteins, CEO of InPass, says that greenhouse gas emissions are currently increasing rapidly in the aviation and shipping sectors. Emissions from these sectors have increased over the last 30 years at the fastest pace in the history of the entire transport industry. To combat this, a limit on the sulfur content of marine fuels came into force worldwide last year.

For the emission system monitoring, the InPass technical team will develop a measuring device to ensure communication with the other devices installed in the system. Its task will be to collect data and store it on the server so that it can be analyzed.

“It is a great trust on the part of our collaboration partners, and the company’s experience to date will be useful in the creation of a unique measuring device,” R. Ekšteins adds.

The communication controller is developed by the startup within the framework of the international project Ultraportative Continuous Emission Monitoring System. The project’s managing partner is the Danish company Instrumatic Marine, which has more than 40 years of experience in environmental monitoring.

“This is a great opportunity for all of us to collaborate on such an ambitious project. Each partner contributes to the development of the project with unique skills and knowledge so that great things can happen!” says Karsten Hansen, CEO of Instrumatic Marine.

One of the project’s partners is the National Metrology Institute in Denmark. It is one of the seven non-profit companies of the Danish Association of Research and Technology Organizations. The Institute provides extensive services and support to private and public companies related to the latest technologies, including metrology systems and their accreditation. Every year the Institute offers new and improved services based in fundamental fields of metrology. In this project, the Institute will develop a sensor for the measuring device.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering of Liepaja University is also involved in communications controller development. The faculty will perform mathematical calculations and tests to ensure the smooth operation of the measuring device.
The prototype device will be completed by the end of July. This will be followed by various device tests. The entire project is planned to be implemented by August 2023.

The project is being implemented under the Eurostars-2 program and co-financed by the State Education Development Agency and the Innovation Fund Denmark. Eurostars-2 is a joint program of the Eureka Secretariat and the European Commission program Horizon 2020, supporting small and medium-sized companies involved in R&D in developing innovative products, services, or technologies.

InPass operates in the Liepaja Business Incubator of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

Source: labsoflatvia.com

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