29.06.2021 - Economy, GBS

ABSL and LIAA releases Business Services Report 2021

ABSL Latvia in collaboration with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia has released Business Services Report 2021. It answers questions regarding the growth of industry, speed of RPA implementation, pandemic impact on future development plans, salary levels, and many more. The report will be presented on July 2, 2-3:30 PM (Riga time) on Facebook live.

This report is launched annually to inform about the latest trends in the GBS sector, and, with every passing year, ABSL will have more data to adjust forecasted trends and scenarios.

"During 2020, ABSL Latvia has become a strong social partner, building a bridge between global businesses, policymakers, and executive bodies. While many parts of the economy struggle due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we see a 7% growth in the GBS sector and the majority of market players expanding their scope of services. Furthermore, a majority of companies have a positive outlook for 2021, planning to increase in scale, service portfolio and geographical coverage," reveals Fredis Bikos, Chairperson of the Board. 

The report highlights the overview of the business services sector in Latvia, pay and benefits changes, office market, employee upskilling and reskilling efforts, trends in site selection of 2021 and AI-powered language technologies.

“In order to achieve a breakthrough in investment attraction, Riga is committed to offering the best service to international businesses in our region. Openness, hospitality, as well as simple and fair rules for investors – these are the main values of the new Investment and Tourism Agency of Riga. As the centre of the region, Riga is an excellent place to invest, thus we are committed to welcoming and giving a helping hand to every investor, ” in the report discloses Martins Stakis, Mayor of Riga.

Agenda of the event:

  • ABSL Latvia, Monta G. (Business Services Sector in Latvia)
  • Fontes, Lelde Kalniņa (Pay and Benefits Change)
  • ERDA, Zane Culkstena (Employee Upskilling & Reskilling)
  • Tilde ~, Ruben Martinez (AI-Powered Language Technologies)
  • Colliers, Eriks Bergmans (Office Market)

Latvia's Business Services Report 2021 is available for download here: https://bit.ly/3vVpem8

Source: ABSL (2021)

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