26.08.2021 - Transport and logistics

Riga starts testing electric buses

Rīgas satiksme has started testing an electric bus. Initially, it will run on the 12th bus route, but to test it more fully, it will also be assigned to other routes.

Over the next five to seven years, Rīgas satiksme will need to replace around 250 buses, some of which will have to be converted to zero-emission transport. The use of electric buses requires new knowledge and experience, which can be gained through testing in urban traffic. Such test runs should verify the suitability of energy storage solutions for the route network, charging solutions and the impact of driving behaviour on energy consumption.

Scania Latvia and Solaris Bus & Coach Latvia have currently offered their electric bus for test runs that are scheduled to start in the next few days. The electric bus is white and visually different from other buses of Rīgas satiksme. As in any other vehicle, after boarding an electric bus, passengers must immediately check in their ticket or buy one from the driver. The bus stops are announced by the driver.

Source: labsoflatvia.com

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