20.05.2020 - ICT, Real estate

E-commerce business development center will be created

This year, it is planned to complete the first phase of construction of the warehouse, production and office complex “Green park”. Therefore, it is expected that the international logistics company “Itella Logistics” will start working there at the end of the year, which will make international e-commerce opportunities easier for local companies. “McDonald's” Baltic Logistics Center will also move to the “Green Park” next year.

The developer, designer and builder of the industrial park is the company “Piche”. “Green park” is the third industrial park realized by “Piche” near Riga International Airport. In addition, the company has purchased a total of 300,000 square meters of land in Mārupe for the construction of similar industrial parks in the future. “Green park” will have warehouses of 50,000 square meters and office space of 7,000 square meters.

Pēteris Senkāns, Chairman of the Board of Ltd. “Piche”, informs: “With “Itella Logistics” joining to our industrial park, the outline of the e-commerce cluster is clearly marked, which will be especially important in the current conditions and in the near future. Around this company and our existing tenant “Omniva”, many companies can successfully build e-commerce delivery centers.

Already today, these advantages are used by one of the most successful Latvian startup “Printful”, which delivers its products to destinations all over Europe. Negotiations are currently underway that “Green Park” customers could, in some cases, deliver goods to neighboring logistics companies in the park, without even taking them out of the territory. This would save significant time and costs and ensure very fast and efficient delivery of goods to their customers.”

The location of the “Green park” near the international airport “Riga”, the short distance to the city center, as well as the pronounced tendency of this area to become a center of logistics service providers are important advantages of this place.

Source: db.lv

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