23.03.2021 - Food processing and retail

"Latvijas maiznieks" has invested 13 MEUR to reduce food waste

Latvian bread manufacturing company "Latvijas maiznieks" has invested more than 13 million euros in the last five years to modernize manufacturing and make the company more innovative.

Even during times of pandemic, the company continues to invest in development and seek out industry professionals.

At the end of 2020, the company invested in building the 1987 m2 frozen production warehouse in Daugavpils. The warehouse is used for the frozen product line “Bake Yourself”, and investments in warehouse facilities will substantially increase the production amount and create new export opportunities. The total amount of financing to build the warehouse is 2.5 million euros, from which a part is also co-financed by “Lauku atbalsta dienests”.

One of the most crucial aspects that the company focuses on is decreasing the food amount thrown out in the bin, also known as food waste.

"Through modernizing the factory, the company has managed to extend the expiration time of bread till 14 days, “ says the member of the board Māris Daude.

The market survey conducted by the company revealed that there is a negative tendency of food waste, therefore the company invested in developing a manufacturing line to extend the expiration date from 4-5 days till 7-10 days, and for the new brand “Bake Yourself” – 14 days without affecting the quality and ingredients of the product.

Source: Delfi.lv

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