24.09.2021 - Healthcare, Startups, Technology

Latvian app to unburden one’s heart

Dia.lv, a mobile app created in Latvia, has been launched to help people overcome everyday difficulties by offering active listening services. The mobile app allows people to “unburden one’s heart” and get support for those in need.

Since the pandemic began, the issue of public mental health has rapidly become more important. More than half (52.8%) of the Latvian population aged 16 and over believes that the COVID-19 crisis has had a negative impact on their mental health, according to preliminary data from the Central Statistical Bureau’s 2021 Population Survey on Income and Living Conditions. To help tackle this problem, a mobile app called dia.lv has been developed in Latvia to give to anyone in need the opportunity to be heard, providing emotional support, and understanding.

“The need for such a mobile application, which can fulfil the function of emotional support, was felt by several members of our team earlier in their lives, who acknowledged that it would have been very useful at some point in their lives. Seeing how the pandemic affects people, creating fear, uncertainty, division, we realised that this was the right time to update and implement the idea of this app,” says Mārtiņš Īviņš, a representative of the app developers.

After downloading the mobile app on Google Play or iOS App Store, you need to create your profile. Once this is done, each user receives 30 minutes of free conversation. To start a conversation, you need to choose a topic. You can also choose your listener.

The mobile app has been developed by the Latvia-based company Catsy Cat Studio. The app has taken about a year to develop.

Source: labsoflatvia.com


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