01.05.2021 - Transport and logistics

The small vessel service segment is developed

According to the Freeport of Riga operational strategy for ten years, the port will develop into a Smart logistics centre with high value-added services and production facilities. At present, successful companies are operating in the Port of Riga, already providing customers all over the world with high value-added and high-tech products.

One of such companies, SIA “Anytec Productions”, produces premium class aluminium boats in the port territory in Bolderāja. Around 250 boat units are produced in the company's workshops every year. The largest markets are Sweden and the Nordic countries, and boats manufactured in Riga can also be found in Panama, Thailand and other countries. In recent years, more and more boats have been exported to Russia.

SIA “Anytec Productions” produces several boat brands, but the main focus is on the elegant and fast “Anytec” brand. The main features of these powerful boats are durability, good manoeuvrability, and, of course, speed. The largest and most exclusive models are 12 meters long and equipped with four 400 hp engines.

“In terms of quality and performance, these boats can be compared to exclusive cars. The goal of the company “Anytec” is to strive for the production of the best aluminium boats in the world; therefore, no compromises shall be accepted in terms of the quality of materials and construction,” said Edmunds Krastiņš, Production Manager of SIA “Anytec Productions”. 

“At our company, we produce boats individually for each customer. We create the product starting from aluminium sheets delivery to a fully equipped boat. Just like dealing with exclusive cars - to ensure the best quality, you need the best specialists and the most advanced technologies, but a lot of handworks is also needed. Boat hull production, interior finishing, electronics and electrical equipment – all operations take place here, and through the gates of our workshop, the boat leaves directly to the customer,” added the company's representative.

SIA “Anytec Productions” started operating in Bolderāja in 2004, when the Swedish company “Anytec” moved its boat production to Rīga. Initially, there was only a quality/cost-competitive production facility in Riga, which built boats designed in Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. However, currently, the company is already producing two boat models, which have been fully developed by Latvian designers. 

“We, together with Latvian designers, fully developed the design and construction of these boats. The whole process takes place in Latvia - from scratch to finished products,” commented the company's production manager with well-grounded pride.

The example of “Anytec” demonstrates the positive trend related to foreign investment and foreign capital companies - the days when Latvia was attractive due to cheaper costs and mainly due to cheaper labour are over. 

“Those foreign capital companies - German, Danish, Swedish companies that once came to Latvia to optimize costs, continue to develop and gradually relocate to Latvia not only labour-intensive processes but in many cases R&D departments and product development components as well,” confirmed Toms Grīnfelds, Chairman of the Board of the Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industry Association.

Source: rop.lv

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