24.02.2021 - Companies, Engineering and metalworking

LSEZ SIA Jensen Metal starts construction of a new factory

LSEZ Jensen Metal SIA has started construction of a new production plant in the Karosta Industrial Park next to their already existing metal and fittings plant, which started operating in the summer of 2019, and was a pioneer in the development of the Karosta Industrial Park in Liepaja. 

It is planned to place the stainless-steel department in the new production building. Construction works are performed by SIA Bukoteks according to the design of SIA LVCT, the customer is the company LSEZ SIA JM Properties, which is related to LSEZ Jensen Metal SIA. The direct costs of construction works are 8.6 million euro, and it is planned to invest additional 4 million euro in equipment and facilities.

Taking into account that the LSEZ Jensen Metal SIA already has experience in building its first production facility in the territory of the Karosta Industrial Park, the company hopes for a smooth construction process. The plant is scheduled to be commissioned in early 2022. 
The company Jensen Metal started its operation in Liepaja in 2004. Since then, not only the number of employees of the company has increased, but also the demand for larger production volumes has considerably grown. Thus, it is no longer possible for the company to satisfy the growing production needs in the existing premises in the Liepaja Business Center, due to which, a decision to build new production facility in the Karosta Industrial Park was taken.

Currently, LSEZ Jensen Metal SIA plant in Liepaja has 330 employees. The factory in Latvia performs everything - from series production to the production of unique items. The main activities are focused on manufacturing the food industry equipment, agricultural equipment for farming needs and fittings components. 

LSEZ Jensen Metal SIA annually invests 2-3 million euro in state of the art technological equipment. An investment agreement has just been concluded with the Liepaja SEZ Authority for “Purchase of Hydraulic Bending Equipment and Automatic Warehouse Shelving System” for the total amount of 490,000.00 euro and for the “Purchase of a New Punch to Increase Production Capacity” for the total amount of 360,000.00 euro.

Source: liepaja-sez.lv

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