14.04.2021 - Economy

Sorainen is offering EUR 100,000 worth free legal advice

Applications for Sorainen’s Shared Mission program 2021, which will provide EUR 100,000 worth of free legal and tax advice to innovative projects, are now open.

Sorainen is committed to making the world a better place. To make a difference, the company support initiatives that it believes in. After the success of the Shared Mission Programme 2020, Sorainen decided to make it a part of its sustainability strategy and offer it again this year.

Sorainen can help your innovative projects become a reality. And legally protected. The projects they support will contribute to their core purpose, namely, increasing prosperity and wellbeing in the Baltic States and Belarus and fostering innovation. Sorainen is looking for companies, projects, services, and initiatives that aim to do good in local and global communities in any way that may be called innovative.

The company welcomes all applications, but the main focus for 2021 is health, both physical and mental. The pandemic is taking its toll, and Sorainen is eager to help good initiatives that make it easier to cope with its impact.
Criteria for applicants

  • Focus – innovative projects that make a positive contribution to the region, your innovation can relate to any sphere of human life, although health-related projects are especially welcome.
  • Entity form – projects carried out by all kinds of organizations and individuals are welcome. They can be NGOs, established companies or government agencies; innovators themselves, or participants in innovative projects.
  • Geography – projects can be either local or international. Initiatives that cover all the Baltic countries and preferably also Belarus would be ideal candidates.
  • Expected scope – the number of hours of free legal and tax advice is not limited. The scope of work will be agreed upon between Sorainen and the project managers.
  • Legal issues – advice can be received on all the legal and tax issues that you may face, from establishing an entity and creating agreements, to data protection and intellectual property issues.

Source: labsoflatvia.com

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