16.09.2020 - Startups, ICT

We invite You to participate in online event Spotlight: Belarus Tech

Spotlight: Belarus Tech is an online event organized with the main goal to give a virtual stage to founders and tech industry representatives from Belarus to discuss the current challenges they are facing and what international support is needed right now on the ground. The event will happen Thursday, September 17. 

People in the Baltics know very well what it is like to live without freedom and are committed to helping in any way possible. Yet, there is a lot of information, assumptions, and speculations going on. Spotlight: Belarus Tech gives the floor to the tech community in Belarus exclusively to hear directly what is happening, how it affects the industry and its people, what the world should know, and how the listeners can help.

Keynote speaker:
Pavel Liber, Senior Director of Digital Strategy & Experience Design at EPAM Systems
One of the most active opposition leaders regarding the results of the election. Founder and the face of the “Voice” (Golos) platform which was created in order to compare the official election results with the votes that the platform users have cast.

Panel discussion speakers:

Cyril Golub, Co-founder of two business angel associations: Angels Band (Belarus) and LitBAN (Lithuania). The members of both networks invest in early-stage technology startups located in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Even though he didn’t take an active part in the politics of Belarus, he is one of the many that have been unreasonably detained by the police.

Darya Danilova, co-founder and CEO at Rocketdata.io. Part of a volunteer group “Honest people” and one of the open letter signatories.
Even though she has moved some of her customer service teams abroad to make sure that troubles with the internet do not affect the business, she does not plan on moving Rocketdata abroad, as Belarus is her home country and she believes there’s still hope for change.

Tanya Marinich, Founder & CEO Imaguru, Belbiz. As the person that creates the vision for the companies she runs, she is invested in the future. For that reason, she also runs TeenGuru Coding and Entrepreneurship School for kids and teenagers and deeply cares about the current situation and understands the importance of speaking out about it.

Spotlight: Belarus Tech is an initiative by the Latvian startup community creative forces deeply concerned by the situation in their neighboring country. This is going to be the first of two events that will be dedicated to the situation in Belarus. The event is coordinated by TechChill, Imaguru Startup HUB, and Helve, an innovation strategy company, and other ecosystem stakeholders across Europe. The event is organized in a partnership with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia - LIAA and ERAF. 

More about the event here.

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