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"Tarragon" is being built in the territory of the port of Riga

According to the future vision the Port of Riga will be developed into a "smart" logistics center with high value-added services and production facilities. Today a wide range of technology and knowledge-intensive mechanical engineering products are being manufactured in the territory of the Port of Riga - classic vessels, unique projects of recreational craft, SUP boards and boats from the latest composite materials, port cranes, liquefied gas tanks, as well as high-tech underwater drones and even aircraft.

Since 2012, ultralight aircraft "Tarragon" have been manufactured by the company "Pelegrin" in the territory of the Freeport of Riga in Mangaļsala. 

Aivars Lejietis, a member of the company's Board: “In 2012 the design work of “Tarragon” was started, in 2014, the first prototype of the airplane was made. A year ago, we moved the production from Ādaži to the territory of the port of Riga, where there are more spacious premises and the necessary infrastructure was available.” 

Dozens of “Tarragon” aircraft are currently in production, one can see them the skies of Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and even Mexico. 

The two-seater aircraft, being built in the port of Riga, are unique due to the fact that modern composite materials are widely used in their production, which allows the aircraft to be light and at the same time extremely durable.

“Carbon fiber in combination with resins creates a very light and very durable material. Due to its lightness and durability, carbon has replaced the previously widely used aluminum in aircraft construction. In addition, the details of any shape can be relatively easily made from the carbon that could never be achieved with aluminum. Therefore, carbon fiber materials are widely used in “big aviation””, explained Aivars Lejietis.

Most of the parts of the aircraft "Tarragon" are designed and manufactured at the company's production plant in the territory of the port of Riga; the production process is based on the knowledge and skills of local specialists. 

As an example Aivars Lejietis demonstrated the aircraft chassis: “”Tarragon” belongs to the so-called “complex aircraft” because these airplanes have an adjustable propeller pitch and retractable chassis. Every part of this complex chassis is designed, manufactured and assembled on site by our company. Our specialists are also constantly following the development of new material technologies to make “Tarragon” faster, lighter, safer and more durable. ” 

Furthermore, two companies operating in the port of Riga are cooperating in the production of “Tarragon” - aircraft manufacturer “Pelegrin” is cooperating with composite boat and SUP board manufacturer “Prestol”, whose production facility is located near Mangaļsala. 

“The Port of Riga is currently developing as an industrial area, where companies can implement various technologically complex production projects, thus securing orders around the world. We have set the development of high value-added companies and production facilities in the territory of the Port of Riga as an important trend promoting the growth and competitiveness of the Freeport of Riga. That means jobs, exports, revenues and stable cargo turnover in the long run, as well as the opportunity to reinforce the city of Riga as an economic center, creating synergies between the city and the port and the companies working in it,” emphasized Viesturs Zeps, Chairman of the Freeport of Riga Board.

Ultralight Tarragon aircraft: 
A two-seater aircraft that can develop speeds above 300 km / h. The total weight of the aircraft is less than 400 kg, but the total take-off mass is slightly over 600 kg. The aircraft is equipped with a 145-horsepower engine with a fuel consumption of about 20 liters per hour. With the standard 140 liter tank "Tarragon" can fly freely from Riga to Berlin. A model with a 250-liter tank has also been created, which allows such an aircraft to fly for up to 12 hours. The aircraft is equipped with a built-in parachute. 

Source: rop.lv

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