07.05.2020 - Companies, Healthcare

iCotton will invest 6.58 mln in company`s development

The financing is intended for the reconstruction and expansion of the factory building, as well as the purchase of equipment. With the purchase of the new equipment, the iCotton product range will be diversified with feminine hygiene products, antibacterial wipes and innovative cotton fabric raw materials for the production of various hygiene products and personal protective equipment.

Reconstruction of the production building and construction of an extension will increase the company's production area by 1 200 m2, thus the total area of the buildings of the production and warehouse complex of the iCotton industrial area will reach 27 000 m2.

iCotton currently employs 115 people and plans to create more than 65 new workplaces by the end of the year.

95% of the company's products are exported abroad. iCotton's main markets are the Baltic States, Russia and Ukraine. The company's products are also exported to Great Britain, Scandinavia, Poland, Uzbekistan, China, Vietnam, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

SIA iCotton, founded in 2013, is the only company in the Baltic States that provides a full production cycle for cotton products.

Source: db.lv

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