20.10.2020 - Economy, ICT

Latvia ranks 4th in the eGovernment Benchmark 2020

eGovernment in Europe is characterised by a “virtuous circle”: public administrations develop better and better digital services because user demand is high; and more and more users access government services online because these services are available and easy to use.

The European frontrunners in eGovernment are Malta (overall score of 97%), Estonia (92%), Austria (87%) and Latvia (87%). The EU27+ overall performance stands at 68%. Two years ago, the overall performance sat at 62%.

The 2020 eGovernment Benchmark report shows remarkable improvements across the board: over the last two years, every one of the 36 countries measured has improved the digital delivery of public services according to the four benchmarks considered in the assessment. 

These benchmarks are assessed on the basis of a set of eight life events. Each life event consists of a user journey representing common public services that citizens or businesses will go through. The data to assess these indicators are collected by Mystery Shoppers. Mystery Shoppers are citizens of each of the observed countries who act as prospective users and follow a detailed, objective and standardised evaluation checklist.

Source: ec.europa.eu

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