23.03.2021 - Innovation, Technology

World's first mobile scent recording device created by Latvian scientists

The first time in history, capturing the scent of homemade cookies, exotic flowers or your best-ever vacation by the sea, is planned to bring in daily life use. Scent Camera is a mobile device to record, store, and release scents.

The camera will allow to collect and preserve the scents that bring back sensations and memories. Latvian entrepreneurs Sandris Murins (CEO), Marcis Sejejs (CTO), and Sanda Lapinska (COO) have joined forces with Riga Technical University Design Factory and Latvian University teams on the initial working prototype creation. Scent camera technology has been submitted for patent. The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia co-financed the project.

“Each of our senses has developed a mass medium throughout history. We can look at how photo cameras have developed in the last 100 years – from exclusively distinct professional use machinery to one-click option in our mobile phones. Our option for the scents has remained as it was centuries ago. There are still available only premade fragrances or requiring explicit skills and devices. We have a vision that significant scents are as easy to capture as take a picture or shoot a video,” says Sandris Murins, CEO at Scent Camera.

Scent Camera’s technology is based on headspace gas chromatography technology that is used to store scent for scientific purposes. In the future, it is planned to allow not only to record, store and release but also recreate and re-produce the loved scents. So it will be possible to share and make collections of personally significant scents.

Source: Labsoflatvia.com

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