23.05.2023 - Engineering & metalworking, Green technology

Primekss Concrete R&D Centre working on new technology

The new Primekss Concrete Research and Development (R&D) Centre is designing an environmentally friendly concrete technology suited for use with the latest robotic equipment. The centre’s team will continue to work with international academic institutions to offer sustainable, climate-smart solutions for construction projects around the world.

Primekss, a concrete technology company founded in 1997, has developed a patented concrete technology that reduces CO2 emissions. This can be used in flooring and for building structural elements. The company’s new R&D Centre tests the properties of concrete and works on technology development in line with the requirements of the latest industrial robotic equipment.

Largest concrete R&D centre in region

The Primekss Concrete R&D Centre is the largest centre of its kind in Eastern Europe. It is home to 400 m2 of state-of-the-art labs for testing the properties of concrete, as well as a lab for testing the physico-chemical properties of the raw materials.

“The concrete industry is responsible for 8% of man-made CO2 emissions. With the composite concrete technology developed by Primekss, we are achieving emission reductions of up to 70%. The centre’s engineers and technology leaders can use their ingenuity and leadership to create innovations of international significance,” said Jānis Ošlejs, CEO of Primekss.

Synergy between business and science

In his speech at the opening event, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš described Primekss as an example of a company that is developing on a global scale, as well as a local and regional scale, exporting its knowledge and bringing added value to the Latvian state.

“Whatever Primekss exports is an import of money to Latvia. This will drive our economy forward and increase our overall wellbeing,” Kariņš said.

He highlighted the inherent synergy between business and science at the centre, saying that the Primekss Concrete R&D Centre will inspire young scientists to further develop their knowledge, while entrepreneurs will be motivated by the knowledge that a Latvian company can have a global impact. “The company is a source of inspiration, a source of profit, a source of development,” the Prime Minister stated.

Suited to working with state-of-the-art robotic equipment

Primekss’ Chief Technology Officer and Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Dr. Ing. Rolands Cepurītis, highlighted Primekss’ specialisation in providing solutions for robotic equipment.

“Robots need a very precise concrete base to work on. They are much more demanding than the warehouse machines of the past. At the centre, we are able to create concrete with a smaller climate footprint and properties that make it perfectly suited to supporting the most advanced robotic equipment and automation systems in logistics centres around the world,” said Cepurītis.

The inauguration of the Primekss Concrete R&D Centre was also celebrated by Xavier Destrée and Kevin MacDonald, Primekss’ long-standing international consultants. Destrée praised the centre’s experts for their work on addressing the weaknesses of traditional concrete – cracking and corrosion. “The centre’s sustainable concrete solutions also significantly reduce the environmental impact of construction sites, making Primekss a pioneer in the industry,” Destrée expressed. MacDonald added that the company exemplifies the power of innovative thinking to transform the construction industry. “Everyone becomes a winner,” he said.

Source: Press release (www.labsoflatvia.com)
Photo: Kaspars Teilāns

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