03.02.2021 - Companies, GBS, ICT

GBS company “Webhelp” opens office in Daugavpils

In January 2021, the digital service company Webhelp opened a new office in the Daugavpils University building. The company is now providing training for 60 employees and plans to increase their number in the near future.

“Global Business Services sector is growing rapidly in Latvia, and currently there are around 50 such companies employing 15 thousand people. Given that almost all of these companies operate in Riga or its neighbourhood, we are pleased that Webhelp has decided to open its office in Daugavpils city thus indicating that the GBS sector can successfully develop in other regions as well,“ says Kaspars Rožkalns, the Director of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

Webhelp specialises in customer services and payment management, as well as sales and marketing assistance using voice, social and digital channels. The company adapts a range of digital services for the various needs of their clients, taking into account user habits.

“Our company chose to open the new office in Daugavpils because of the city’s excellent location and the availability of the potential workforce. This is also a result of our great collaboration with LIAA, The Municipality of Daugavpils and the University of Daugavpils,” indicated Jānis Misāns, the Managing Director of “Webhelp Latvia”.

“The Municipality of Daugavpils highly appreciates the collaboration with LIAA facilitating the relocation of the international company WebHelp that works in the all-important IT sector and expands its team employing locals from our community. For many citizens, it is a splendid opportunity to start a career in their hometown. As the company resides in the Daugavpils University building, it is convenient to combine work with studies, if necessary,” highlights Igors Prelatovs, the Mayor of the Daugavpils City Council.

Webhelp has a network of 150 offices in 50 countries, and in 2019 its total turnover reached 1.5 billion euros. The company is already the leader of outsourced business services industry in Europe but has long-term goals of becoming the major service provider worldwide. Webhelp delivers high-quality digital services such as content moderation for social media or other platforms and payment administration among others. The company bases its operations on the newest Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Webhelp aims to contribute to the economic development of Daugavpils city and the region of Latgale by offering services and support for local as well as international clients. Offices in Riga and Daugavpils will specialise in providing services for the CIS region, therefore potential employees will need excellent Russian language skills and preferably English language skills as well. Find all job openings and more information about the company at www.webhelp.com.

Source: liaa.gov.lv


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