27.08.2021 - Startups

Cenos introduces new induction heating applications

Electromagnetics simulation software startup Cenos continues to democratize simulation software by releasing its latest version of induction heating simulation software. Version 3.0 has is on a high technological level and has raised the customer support standard to a new extent.

The latest software version features industry-standard multi-CPU acceleration, which allows getting simulation results multiple times faster than before. A very unique feature is a scanning application which has been a huge selling point so far, now it has become even easier to set up. Last but not least, instant live chat with support built right into the software has taken customer support to a new level by giving direct access to simulation engineers. 

“We’ve noticed that this industry was underserved by the use of the computer simulation software provided only by large enterprise-level vendors. In the meantime induction, heating is quite advanced technology and requires a very specific functionality that can only be provided by custom solutions like Cenos. We are happy to provide exceptionally easy-to-use software not only for professionals but for any hands-on engineer,” says M. Scepanskis.

In two years since the Cenos Induction Heating simulation software’s first version was released, it is used by more than 50 customers in 12 countries and more than 100 academic users in universities across the world. 

Source: labsoflatvia.com


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