31.03.2021 - Green technology

Wind park near Ventspils to start construction in April

Estonian energy group Utilitas in April is starting construction work on a wind park at Tārgale in the Ventspils region, ten years after permission for the site was originally granted

The wind park will be completed in autumn 2022 with 14 wind turbines. The total capacity is 58,8 MW.

“Latvia is blessed with river Daugava ensuring a sustainable supply of hydroelectricity. It is a big asset for the country, nevertheless, wind energy has a substantial potential to increase renewable energy production. Wind park Tārgale will improve Latvia's energy security, reduce dependence on imported energy carriers and increase the share of renewable energy, helping to achieve its renewable energy goals,” said Rene Tammist, Development Manager at Utilitas.

At the first phase of the project, the area will be prepared for the installation of the wind turbines with the construction of piles, foundations and public roads, as well as the installation of cable and earthing networks. The installation works of the actual turbines will be done at the next stage.

The main construction contractor will be the construction company Nordecon Betoon.

The estimated annual production of the wind park Tārgale will be 155 GWh of electricity per year, which is enough to satisfy the energy needs of more than 50 thousand households. Wind turbines will be provided by the leading global wind turbine manufacturer Vestas. The tip height of each turbine will reach 152 meters.

Utilitas completed the acquisition of wind park development company SIA TCK in March 2021.

“Over the years of development we have taken not only numerous steps to meet the regulatory standards required for the construction of a wind park, but also to further reduce its impact on the local community by reducing the initial number of wind turbines from 26 to 14, and by improving technological solutions to increase production efficiency and reduce total noise levels,” said Renārs Urbanovičs, SIA TCK board member and Lead Project Manager.

The construction of the wind park Tārgale was approved by the local Ventspils region authority in 2011. 

Source: eng.lsm.lv

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