15.02.2021 - Companies, Food processing and retail

Food Union has completed an investment project - 14.6 MEUR

The dairy processing company “Food Union” has completed the establishment of the Center of Excellence for fresh dairy products, which started at the end of 2017, in which 15 million euros have been invested.

As a result, a new curd cheese factory has been built, new production equipment has been purchased and the existing infrastructure has been modernized. This is one of the most significant investment projects in the Latvian food industry in recent years, the total amount of which reaches 14.6 million euros. The project is intended to expand the range of new and innovative dairy products for local and international markets.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project took longer than planned - three years. During this time, a number of technological and work environment improvements were made, new equipment was installed at JSC “Rīgas piena kombināts”. At the same time, production from SIA “Rīgas piensaimnieks” was transferred to JSC “Rīgas piena kombināts” and JSC “Valmieras piens”. At the beginning of 2020, Ltd. “Rīgas piensaimnieks” was legally added to JSC “Rīgas piena kombināts”.

“The creation of the Center of Excellence is a unique event not only locally but also globally. This will allow us to further strengthen “Food Union's” leadership in the Baltic market and promote our position at the European level as a strong international producer. I am proud that we will be able to offer curd cheese snacks, which are very popular in Latvia, and innovative yoghurt cheeses, increasing our representation in the Baltics, Scandinavia and even East Asia,” emphasizes Normunds Staņēvičs, Head of “Food Union” in Europe.

The Center of Excellence for fresh dairy products is located at the headquarters of the “Food Union” Group in Riga, Bauskas Street. The total financial amount invested in the development of the project and other related innovations is 14.6 million euros. 11.1 million euros have been invested in the establishment of the Center of Excellence. Of this, two million euros have been invested in the construction of the most modern curd cheese snack factory in the Baltics, new production equipment has been purchased for 2.85 million euros and another 6.25 million euros have been invested in the modernization of the existing infrastructure.

The remaining 3.5 million euros have been invested in the purchase of a new ice cream and cottage cheese production line, as well as in the creation of a sustainable car fleet. During this period, 14 new and environmentally friendly trucks for the delivery of ice cream and dairy products were purchased.

Source: db.lv 

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