19.02.2021 - GBS

‘Circle K’ has started to operate in the US and Canada

‘Circle K’ business service centre in Riga expands operations to North America, providing customer services to gas stations in Canada and the US, such as fuel logistics and real-time fuel monitoring services.
Since February 2021, ‘Circle K’ business service centre in Riga provides services to more than 7200 gas stations in the US and Canada. It is three times more than previously serviced gas stations in Europe. The team of 130 people can give customer support in English, French, and Scandinavian languages.
In the new export markets, ‘Circle K’ business centre’s logistics team based in Riga plans more than 900 million litre fuel delivery to 2700 gas stations. However, in the upcoming years, the number of serviced gas stations will increase. At the same time, the fuel supply control department is responsible for conducting real-time fuel monitoring. They decrease fuel waste, improve customer experience, and increase the efficiency of gas station operations. Currently, the Latvian team provides this service to already 3700 gas stations, but till the end of the year, they plan to add 2000 gas stations in Canada and the US. 

“Our team’s professional achievements have convinced the decision-makers across the ocean to allocate services for local gas stations to the office in Riga. It has allowed us to start operating in a new continent,” says ‘Circle K’ business centre manager Arturs Andzans.

Despite global pandemic, ‘Circle K’ business centre is expanding in new markets and has retained the annual employee increase, which is 10% yearly. In 2012, the company started with a team of 100 people, and currently, Circle K employs 670 people. 

“We are the largest office in ‘Circle K’ Group. Employees is the key to success, therefore, we spend a lot of attention to the selection process, as well as development and motivation programmes for our employees. We have a very creative approach, for instance, we have recruited Scandinavians who have moved to Latvia motivated by love. We also encourage expatriates to return to Latvia because, when working in Latvia, for example, you can still be the main accountant in Ireland,” notes Arturs Andzans.

Currently, ‘Circle K’ business centre supports businesses in 11 countries – the Baltics, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia, Ireland and now also in the US and Canada. ‘Circle K’ business centre in the last financial year (01.05.2019.-30.04.2020) reached a net turnover of 31.5 million euros and paid almost 5 million euros in taxes. ‘Circle K’ is one of the 300 biggest business centres measured by turnover in Latvia.

Also, ‘Circle K’ business centre is one of the founders and a member of ‘ABSL Latvia’, which is a global business service association. 

The business service centre in Riga provides centralised support for ‘Circle K’ Group, such as Finance, Accounting, Customer Service, Fuel Logistics, IT, HR, Project Management, Legal Services, Procurements, Security etc.

Source: Delfi.lv

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