10.05.2021 - Woodworking

Graanul Invest plans to establish a new plant in Broceni

The Graanul Invest group of companies plans to start the construction of a wood pellet plant in Brocēni. The construction of the plant was coordinated already in 2016, but the process was postponed due to the reduction of production and investment. With the growing demand for wood pellets, the company continues to make new investments in the development of production.

The establishment of a wood pellet plant in Brocēni municipality will allow to increase the total production volume of Graanul Invest group, to use the raw material base created by South Kurzeme forestry and wood processing companies, as well as to improve production technology by combining the most successful solutions of existing plants. 

In total, AS Graanul Invest plans to make investments in the amount of 22 million euros within the investment project. The Brocēni plant is planned to produce up to 250,000 tons of wood pellets per year. The construction of the new production plant has been coordinated with the municipality of Brocēni municipality and the relevant documentation has been received.

The Estonian forest industry and energy group AS Graanul Invest is the largest producer of wood pellets in Europe and is active in the production of bioenergy and renewable energy, forestry and the development of biomaterials. JSC “Graanul Invest” was registered in 2003 and its real beneficiaries are Estonian citizens Raul Kirjanen and Anders Andersons.

Source: world-today-news.com

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