10.05.2022 - Biomedicine

Silvanols invests 54% more in R&D

In 2021, Silvanols, a company of the Olainfarm Group, invested 2.8% of its net turnover in research and development.  This is 54% more than a year earlier.

Last year, the company’s turnover was 3.2 million euros. In 2020, Silvanols’ investments in research and development amounted to 1.57% of net turnover, wrote Labs of Latvia.

“Society is increasingly demanding evidence-based knowledge, as it gives more confidence to both the Latvian population and those living abroad that Silvanols’ products have significant benefits for improving well-being both during illness and for preventive health improvement in the long term,” said Liene Puriņa, chairwoman of the board of Silvanols.

The company has obtained well-reasoned, research-based evidence of the effectiveness of its products, which significantly helps to improve competitiveness and strengthens the trust of partners and consumers, thus contributing to turnover growth in the future.

Research Experience Is Growing

Silvanols has paid significant attention to product research since its inception and has invested in it both from its own resources and with the support of European Union funds. In 2014, the company started its product research by monitoring the use of GoRespiro (Astmosil) capsules in patients with acute and chronic respiratory diseases during the exacerbation phase in collaboration with Latvian lung disease specialists and general practitioners. An extensive randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial of GoRespiro in patients with bronchial asthma was conducted. Since then, there has been a gradual increase in the allocation of resources to research products and their components.

In 2019, Silvanols, in collaboration with the BIOR Institute for Food Safety, Animal Health, and the Environment, carried out a study on GoImmune Stong, which demonstrated the product’s antibacterial activity. In 2020, a new hypothesis for the product was put forward and a study on the antibacterial activity of GoImmune Strong and its synergy with antibiotics was carried out in collaboration with the University of Latvia and the BIOR Institute for Food Safety, Animal Health, and the Environment.

A pre-clinical study on Aller-GO-nasal spray, an allergic rhinitis treatment launched in 2019, is also being conducted in collaboration with researchers from the University of Latvia and Riga Stradiņš University to confirm its safety and efficacy. The preclinical study is a continuation of the development of a new product launched in 2016 in collaboration with the University of Latvia, where the coating of Aller-GO-nasal spray and its persistence on mucous membranes were demonstrated and toxicology studies were carried out. The Latvian Centre for Biomedical Research and Studies demonstrated the product’s anti-allergic properties. The product development received co-financing support from the European Regional Development Fund ERDF.

Part of Olainfarm Group

Silvanols, a company of the Olainfarm Group, is a Latvian green pharmaceutical company that has been producing naturally derived food supplements, medical devices, and medicines for 27 years. Products are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Combining knowledge of natural substances with the latest technology, a portfolio of more than 50 products has been developed for a variety of indications, from cold remedies to nutritional supplements for improving overall health.

Source: labsoflatvia.com


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