22.05.2020 - Companies, Engineering and metalworking

Caljan is building a new factory

Liepāja SEZ capital company “Caljan” has started construction of a new production and office building in the former “Liepājas Metalurgs” territory.

The new plant will be built on the site of the former Liepājas Metalurgs mechanical workshop. LSEZ SIA “Caljan” investments in construction and modern technological equipment will reach approximately 10 million euros. The new production facilities will allow the company to double its production capacity and create about 50-60 new jobs. It is planned that the operation of the new production premises will start already in September.

SIA LSEZ “Caljan” has been working in Liepāja already since 2006, when the company started to rent premises in Liepāja Business, which is located in Kapsēdes Street. The company manufactures specialized conveyors for the logistics industry, most of which are telescopic conveyors for mail, and one of the company's largest customers is the US company “Amazon”.

Source: db.lv 

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