10.04.2021 - GBS

Webhelp is expanding operations to 200 employees

Webhelp, one of Europe's leading digital services companies, which opened its office in Daugavpils University in January, is continuing its development and has now hired 200 employees.

“We are pleasantly surprised by the positive reception in Daugavpils, where we managed to create and train a team of 200 employees in a relatively short time. We work in a dynamic and fast-growing industry, where the demand for services is growing every day, so we plan to announce new vacancies in the summer.  Webhelp is encouraged to take this step, as we have good customer feedback about the work of the Daugavpils office, ” says Jānis Misāns, Executive Director of Webhelp Latvia.

The French company Webhelp provides various types of digital services. The company cooperates with highly-demanded online platforms, providing them with moderation and other services. The company's employees work with well-known brands daily, making various digital platforms more convenient for users.

Given the excellent performance, the company will continue to expand its team in the summer. Webhelp will need digital content moderators and managers with a good knowledge of foreign languages. The company organizes remote training and work during the pandemic, and employees highly value this opportunity.

“One of our priorities at the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) is to attract investment in the global business service sector.  So far, this industry has developed rapidly in Riga; however, we see that, in other Latvian cities, there is also potential for the development of such business centres.The establishment of Webhelp in Daugavpils is an excellent example that it is possible to attract qualified employees attracted outside Riga, not only in production but also in the field of international business services," emphasizes Reinis Āzis, Deputy Director General at LIAA.

“Daugavpils is a university city, so we are very pleased that the business services industry is developing here, which can provide work for both highly qualified specialists and those who are still developing their professional careers. In the city development strategy,  Daugavpils is the leader of the Eastern Baltics in the field of knowledge and economic development, and the entry of such companies as Webhelp in the city confirms our potential, ” said Daina Krīviņa, Head of Daugavpils Development Department.

Webhelp operates in 50 countries with 150 offices, and the company's total turnover in 2019 reached 1.5 billion euros. The company is already the industry leader in Europe but aims to become the world's leading company in the industry, providing professional social networking and platform moderation, payment administration and other digital services. The company's operations are mainly based on the development of artificial intelligence solutions.

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