31.05.2021 - Photonics and Smart materials

Light Guide Optics International plans to develop infrastructure

Last year, SIA "Light Guide Optics International" significantly increased the production capacity of new products - medical beam catheters - developing and improving the production technologies of these new products.

In 2020, the company's turnover has increased by 11%, mainly due to the increase in sales of medical beam catheters by 2.1 million euros compared to 2019. The turnover of industrial products in 2020 has increased by 8.4%.

The annual report available to Lursoft shows that the turnover of SIA "Light Guide Optics International"i ncreased to 27.33 million euros last year, but the profit has grown to 9.27 million euros.

This year and next year, the company plans to continue making investments in the development of production infrastructure, reconstructing the production buildings purchased in 2020. In 2021, the company plans to reconstruct the new, significantly larger medical products production unit. The following year the company will renovate the second production building for the needs of the medical bundle production unit to ensure an increase in production volumes following customer demand.

Last year, SIA ''Light Guide Optics International'', registered in Livani, was the employer of 192 employees. Last year, the company paid 1.97 million euros in mandatory state social insurance contributions and 1.01 million euros in personal income tax.

There are 12 shareholders of SIA "Light Guide Optics International".

Lursoft data show that the share capital of SIA "Light Guide Optics International" registered in 2004 is 5.09 million euros.

Source: delfi.lv

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