16.10.2020 - Food processing and retail, Innovation

Latvian scientists obtaining cabbage powder

The Latvian University of Agriculture (LLU) together with partner companies continues to research within the project, which aims to research and develop innovative residue-free technologies for the production and application of sauerkraut juice powder (dehydrate) in the creation of new high value-added products in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. 

The study analyzes various cabbage varieties and evaluates their chemical composition. In order to be able to assess the differences in composition over the years, active work on the study is taking place this autumn as well.

In the first year of the research, the optimization of cabbage juice powder extraction technology has been studied. Scientists say that due to the salt and sugar content, the technology needs to be optimized because vegetables cannot be dried using classical methods. Therefore, various carriers are being sought to improve quality. The project also studies the properties of these carriers under different conditions.

“While working on technological development, experiments were performed on the concentration of cabbage juice, which is intended as an intermediate product in the production of cabbage powder. Our research shows that this intermediate can also be a promising raw material, as it contains various valuable compounds and also has interesting sensory properties. Partners have also assessed the potential of this raw material in the development of new products. Cabbage juice concentrate can be suitable for making bread and meat products,” says Zanda Krūma, a researcher at the Faculty of Food Technology of the University of Agriculture.

The research will be continued by improving the technology of powder extraction, as well as more attention will be paid to the quality and storage of products with cabbage juice concentrate and cabbage powder.

Latvian companies participating in the project – SIA Dimdiņi Agro, SIA Dimdiņi, SIA Margret, SIA Cosmetic Lab, SIA Kinetics Nail Systems, SIA Maiznīca Flora.

Source: labsoflatvia.com

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