16.04.2021 - Real estate

The Origo One gains highest-rated BREEAM certificate

The “Origo One” business centre has acquired the world’s leading building sustainability assessment method’s BREEAM certification, gaining the highest final rating among business centres in Latvia. From the outset, the “Origo One” project’s focus was on ensuring high standards of energy efficiency, work environment and sustainability, thus allowing the developer – “Linstow Baltic” (LB) – to ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for the office workers and visitors with the help of nature and environmentally-friendly solutions. 

"One of “Linstow Baltic’s” primary objectives in developing the “Origo One” business centre was to make a long-term contribution to the urban environment and public welfare and to set an example in terms of sustainable development. Receiving Latvia’s highest-rated BREEAM certificate – “Excellent” (79,1%) among business centres is a great way of recognising the value of our business vision and our work to both the project team and our cooperation partners. And we are very glad to note that, daily, more and more tenants are starting to appreciate the environment and employee-friendly solutions,” acknowledges Andis Kublačovs, Project Director at LB. 

Companies such as “Narvesen & Caffeine”, “Hili Properties”, “Colliers International”, “LETA”, “TVNET Group”, “Enlab Group” and “The Soul Publishing” have already set up their offices in the “Origo One” business centre. In its entirety, the “Origo One” contains 11,500 m2 of Class-A office space. 

Hadley Barrett, Head of “Green Baltics / Oxford Sustainable” adds: “We are genuinely pleased to have had such a successful partnership with “Linstow Baltic”, implementing top-rated projects at the Latvian and Baltic levels. Our team is delighted to conclude the work on this exceptional and sustainable building located in an excellent spot in Riga and which will perfectly complement the ambitious Rail Baltica project.” 

In the “Origo One” business centre, particular attention is paid to the well-being of the employees, providing optimal day and outdoor lighting, room acoustics, thermal comfort, convenient accessibility of the building to all groups of society, including people with special needs. The highest evaluations were received in the following categories: 

  • transport (100%)
  • water (100%)
  • land use and ecology (90%)
  • waste (86%) 
  • health and well-being (80%) 
  • energy (79%)

Source: Linstowbaltic.lv

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