21.06.2021 - Startups

PomaBrush brings high tech to a daily ritual

There’s an old saying that anyone who invents a better mousetrap will make a fortune. But what about perfecting another seemingly familiar essential item, like the toothbrush?

That’s the mission of PomaBrush, an innovative Moscow-based start-up that recently graduated Buildit accelerator that is based in Riga. The firm has developed an electric brush combining smart technology, elegant design and revolutionary materials.

Born in Belarus, Andrei Majewski (in the picture) was a successful executive recruiter in the field of international relations. But a few years ago, he felt challenged to create something tangible, and together with friend Taras Polischuk started searching for a breakthrough innovation.

“We began exploring different verticals, to find a physical product used around the world,” says Andrei.

The co-founders of PomaBrush recruited Kegan McDaniel, formerly a designer with Procter & Gamble, to design a toothbrush. And he came up with an item which sets it apart from the competition in several key aspects.

Firstly, it can be used twice a day while only needing to be recharged every four months. Andrei says this is possible because they realised that an electric toothbrush can function excellently with a smaller motor than previously used, reducing the load on the batteries.

Secondly, customers can choose between traditional nylon brushes for a deeper clean, or silicone for a gentler experience. This is a new direction for dental hygiene based on work by South Korean researchers, who have discovered that “silicone can be as effective as nylon for sensitive gums and teeth,” according to Andrei.

Thirdly, the elegant lines of the PomaBrush, available in black or white, are complimented by a neat magnetic clip, a stylish carrying case and water-resistant capability allowing it to be used in the shower. This combination of fashion and convenience has made it a hit with business travellers.

Putting his mouth where his money is, Andrei personally used the PomaBrush for six months before it went on the market. Representatives from Latvian accelerator Buildit also put it to the test, and were so impressed they decided to invest in the company as part of their hardware portfolio.

Getting the brush into production involved an uncomplicated deal with a factory in China. Initially, it was only retailed online, and earned rave reviews from users. But demand has been such that the firm is opening multiple sales channels, drawing interest from South African wholesalers, the Kuwaiti royal family and entrepreneurs in Russian-speaking countries.

“We can’t sell everywhere on our own, so we are leveraging partners in order to scale up,” says Andrei.

He says the company has other products in the pipeline, but the PomaBrush will remain the core focus for the immediate future.

Source: labsoflatvia.com

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