03.04.2020 - Real estate, Transport and logistics

The NHC will build a logistics park worth 18.3 million

The Board and Council of New Hanza Capital have decided to implement an ambitious investment facility by building a Class A warehouse and logistics park worth EUR 18.3 million in Riga, 462 Maskavas Street.

At the end of March, a construction contract was signed with the company Pillar Contractor and work is planned to start in the near future.

The plot of 462, Maskavas Street, owned by New Hanza Capital, currently houses several warehouse buildings, most of which were built about ten years ago. To make full use of the property's potential and vacant land, a single logistics and warehousing park called "A6" will be created, with the construction of nearly 32 000 square meters of new and modern warehouses. After the completion of construction works, the total area of the buildings will exceed 50 000 square meters, ranking the newly established logistics park among the largest in the territory of Riga. Tenants will have access to areas ranging from about 800 square meters.

Construction is expected to be completed by July 31, 2021. The new buildings will also receive a BREEAM certificate, which will certify their quality, energy efficiency and compliance with world standards, moreover, they will be the first warehouse buildings in Latvia with this certificate.

Source: db.lv

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