Daugavpils Planning Region

Daugavpils Planning Region

Daugavpils is the second-largest city in the country after the capital Riga, which is located some 230 kilometres to its north-west.

  • Daugavpils is a transport hub with over 160 years of history.
  • Multicultural environment in which more than 70 different nationalities live.
  • 38% of Daugavpils economy makes manufacturing
  • Daugavpils City Council assigns discounts for real estate tax, implements municipal grants, offers municipal premises for lease, develops industrial sites.
  • 23 exporters to Finland in Latgale, including 11 exporters to Finland in Daugavpils
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Kurzeme Planning Region

Kurzeme Planning Region

Kurzeme has a special geopolitical location on the Baltic Sea coast, in the East-West transport corridor. It is a border area of the Baltic Sea region and in the Latvian context – an open sea region with national significance railway and road connections, ferry ports and potential air transport development.

  • The longest sea border in the country - 350 km
  • Two non-freezing ports - Liepaja and Ventspils
  • TEN-T European and comprehensive transport core networks
  • Two Special Economic Zones - Liepaja and Ventspils
  • International airport in Liepaja
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Latgale Planning Region

Latgale Planning Region

Region is one of the key road and rail transit points in Latvia, connecting Russia, CIS and Asian countries with Western Europe and the world. Transport infrastructure facilitates supply of raw materials and product distribution. Region is also called the land of blue lakes, being proud of its pristine and green environment.

  • Abundant forest resources – 561.8 thou ha (39% of the total area of the region).
  • Agricultural land occupies 45% of the region's territory.
  • EU eastern border with Pskov region of Russia and Vitebsk region of Belarus.
  • 400 mln customers within a 2-hour flight.
  • Rezekne Special Economic Zone and Latgale Special Economic Zone.
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Riga Planning Region

Riga Planning Region

Region is a major driving force for the growth of Latvia and the Baltic's. Being a central region of Latvia with the state capital Riga it greatly impacts the country’s economy, tourism, culture and education. Region has an extremely high growth potential to become a future platform for smart and creative development.

  • Region has become an important air, land, sea and rail hub.
  • 3rd populated metropolitan area in the Baltic Sea region.
  • High potential for developing innovations combined with high quality services.
  • Most popular region among international travelers.
  • More than 80% of FDI in the country target Riga and its surroundings.
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Vidzeme Planning Region

Vidzeme Planning Region

Region is located in the northeastern part of Latvia, bordering Estonia and Russia. It is crossed by international transport lines connecting to Riga, Russia and Estonia. Educational institutions focus mainly on smart specialization, adapting to market requirements and offering job seekers high level education.

  • 52% of jobseekers have a vocational or higher education.
  • Widely available (up to 10%) free labor resource.
  • Opportunities to receive discounts on land or premises rent in municipalities.
  • Opportunities in small counties - 25 largest companies are located in different municipalities.
  • Highly developed fields of wood processing, food processing, agriculture and IT.
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Zemgale Planning Region

Zemgale Planning Region

Located in the central part of Latvia close to Riga. It has a well-developed road network. It borders with all other planning regions. Longest border is with the neighbor – Lithuania. Good location and availability of motor, railway, oil and gas highways offers high potential for production and logistics development in the region.

  • The most important area of agricultural product processing and production.
  • Stands out with a developed manufacturing and processing industry.
  • The region has science centers with high potential for innovation development.
  • The most advanced veterinary medicine clinic in Baltics is located in Zemgale.
  • The region is an important transit point on a national and Baltic State level.
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Special Economic
Zones in Latvia


Latvia has 5 special economic zones
(in Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja, Rezekne and Latgale)
for the benefit of entrepreneurs
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Visma Labs

“Visma is very satisfied doing business in Latvia. Visma entered the market in 2014 and has since then grown the business in the country.  Latvians are hard working, reliable, they adapt easily to different cultures and deliver all tasks in high quality.”

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Therese SlettenDirector Strategic initiatives, Visma group


“At TietoEVRY in Latvia we are setting new standards as we focus on attractive work environment. More than 750 of our employees have a modern work model – open-plan office, flexible working hour concept, fruits in the office, and psychologist counseling included in the insurance policy. We, Tieto Latvia, are an employer with a balance between work and leisure.”

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Valērija VārnaCountry manager, Chairman of the board Tieto Latvia

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