Visma Labs

Visma Labs were established in 2015 as one of Visma Group competence centers to be able to recruit talents in Riga. In five years Visma Labs has developed a very strong company culture, became top notch competence among other Visma Group competence centers and started best practices sharing with other nearshoring centers within Visma. 

Visma Labs operates in 3 main areas – Research and Development, Business support and Central operations. Therefore, main part of Visma Labs employees are involved in software development, but there are also digital marketing, HR support, Financial controllers and Accounting services provided in Latvia. Company is offering Customer support to French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch speaking customers. 

Visma Labs has the widest range of competencies among all Visma Group sourcing centers, therefore it is an attractive place to recruit professionals of different profiles. As Visma Labs company culture is very attractive to potential candidates and existing employees, it is a reliable partner to Visma Group colleagues and helps achieving their targets. Visma Labs employee NPS and rNPS are one of the highest in all Visma Group. 

“Visma is very satisfied doing business in Latvia. Visma entered the market in 2014 and has since then grown the business in the country.  Latvians are hard working, reliable, they adapt easily to different cultures and deliver all tasks in high quality,” - Therese Sletten, Director Strategic Initiatives, Visma Group

Origin country: Norway
As GBS in Latvia since: 2015
Number of employees (2020): 229
Total investment in Latvia: > 600 000 EUR


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