Company’s mission is to design, develop and maintain efficient, secured solutions that are adapted to client’s customers and processes. Because innovation is a powerful lever for business competitiveness and differentiation, Webhelp helps push the boundaries of customer experience thanks to its technology accelerator, Technology Enablement. The team’s agile methods, made up of customer experience experts, is able to design technological solutions that will carve the customer journeys of tomorrow.

Webhelp is a partner across a range of services including customer experience solutions, social media moderation through to payment services. Hundreds of brands across the world trust Webhelp because of their people, the culture they work in, and the ideas and technology they put to work. By choosing Webhelp they access the passion and experience of 50,000 game-changers from more than 140 locations in 36 countries. Each one determined to bring their own intelligence, empathy and experience to the table every day. 

Webhelp is the European leader in their industry, with a revenue of €1,4B in 2018, and aims for a global leadership position. 

In Latvia Webhelp is specialized in nearshoring services for Scandinavian and Russian language markets, thus making it easy for our clients to visit due to Latvia’s geographical location. These services include - Customer Experience and Contact Centre Services, Business Process outsourcing, Language Hubs & Location Strategy, Digital Transformation, Solution Design and Consulting Services. Webhelp holds a COPC certification and can offer PCI compliance. Company quotes that they enrich each step of the customer experience with a human touch, they help brands build real emotional connections, and create value bound to last. 

"Over 13 years of BPO experience, combined with excellent in-house language and skills training programs, makes Webhelp the ideal nearshoring partner for Scandinavian and Russian languages as well as other European businesses looking for outsourcing services. We are an intrinsically human company – a cultural melting pot of passionate game-changers that strive to make a difference in the lives of people and businesses." - Lina Boiko, Nordic Regional Lead 

Origin country: France
In Latvia since: 2003
Number of employees (2020):  500+
Website: webhelp.com/en-lv/


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