Simurg Balticum

Simurg Balticum was established as Latvian/Belarus joint venture to produce medical devices and provide contract manufacturing services for small and medium size producers of medical devices.

Company`s main activities are manufacturing of disposal medical devices for obstetrics, gynecology and urology. Also manufacturing, assembling, packing and labeling services for other producers of medical devices under ISO Class 8 clean room conditions.

“Amongst biggest strengths for our business in Latvia I would admit it’s geographical location between Belarus and European Union as well as easy communication with service vendors and customers. Due compact size of the company all important decisions has been made in shortest terms, which make us flexible to changing customer’s demands.” - Regimants Baranovskis Chairman of the Board

Origin country: Latvia/Belarus
In Latvia since: 2017
Number of employees (2020): 4
Total investment in Latvia: 200 000 EUR


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