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Latvia unequivocally leads in the field of biomedicine among the trio of Baltic States. We are at the forefront of precision medicine research, specializing in the utilization of big data. In compliance with EU regulations, we are equipped to provide a state-of-the-art biomedical research-oriented big data infrastructure. Additionally, we take pride in offering one of the most competitive price-to-quality ratios for research "clean rooms." Our commitment to excellence in precision medicine research, coupled with our cutting-edge resources, positions us as a leading choice for those seeking top-tier facilities and expertise in the field.

Notably, Latvia's biomedicine enterprises and institutions have showcased remarkable growth in recent years. Our products find their way to destinations both nearby and distant, encompassing countries like Japan, the USA, Canada, and various others. 


Main subsectors​​​​​

Personalised medicine, Environmental health, Biopharmacy, Translation medicine, Health systems, Digital health 

Fast facts
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in Latvia have a long history, rich legacy and know-how. Latvian chemists made significant, internationally recognized advancements in research already in the 19th century. You may have heard about the globally renowned medicine Meldonium (20th century).
  • The chemical and pharmaceutical sector is currently ranked 5th by turnover amongst manufacturing industries in Latvia and ranked 4th by the total export amounts amongst other manufacturing industries in Latvia.
Industry statistics
  • Exports of pharmaceuticals manufactured by Latvian companies compile 1.3% of total national exports. Latvia exports 76.7% of the manufactured chemicals and pharmaceutical products (2023).
  • One of our top export partners in pharmaceuticals are Lithuania (9%), and Ukraine (7%).
  • Out of the biomedicine portfolio, pharmaceuticals are the main export products, making up 27% of the total industry exports and turnover of 240 million euros in 2023.
Employment and education
  • If you study chemistry and other life sciences in Latvia, the companies will fight for you and your skills! There are around 500 companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Latvia.
  • Also, there will be a place for all enthusiasts of chemistry and biomedicine, as the number of employees in chemical and pharmaceutical companies currently exceeding 8 K. 
  • We always like to compete with our neighbours; that is our thing! We have more people working in the pharmaceutical industry than our neighbors – Estonia and Lithuania.
  • Medical rehabilitation, phlebology, stomatology, oncology, diagnostics, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, infertility treatment, and childbirth, aesthetic dermatology
Industry leaders
  • Grindeks specializes in heart and cardiovascular, central nervous system, and anti-cancer medications. Their range covers a successful combination of original and generic products, such as Mildronate® and Ftorafur® and more than 100 different generics. Currently, Grindeks produces 25 active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • PharmIdea is the only company in Latvia providing sterile and freeze-dried drugs manufactured at a world-class quality, granted by the GMP certificate and various successfully passed international quality inspections.
  • MolPort was created in 2006 to help scientists accelerate drug discovery by streamlining locating compounds and their suppliers and handling the ordering process. Their goal is to help scientists focus on their research, not on searching and procurement.
  • Silvanols Ltd. is a Latvian pharmaceutical company with expert knowledge in developing and producing food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, and OTC medicine using natural ingredients for 25 years to bring the healing powers of nature to people all over the world.
  • Olainfarm has 40 years of experience in medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical products and produces around 60 types of medicines and some 30 pharmaceutical agents.
  • Latvian Biomedicine Research and Study Center is developing a prototype vaccine against Lyme disease. Latvia participates in a 1+ million genome initiative to facilitate personalized and data-based medicine development.
  • Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis is an inventor and co-inventor of 18 original approved drugs and more than 70 original preparation methods of known medicines.
  • BGI is the world’s largest genome sequencing centre. It has built a genome sequencing production facility in Latvia and will develop an entire life science park.
  • Biosan is one of the global leaders in the preparation and analysis of life science samples. Their equipment is used in hospitals, food and water laboratories, dairies, and wherever samples are prepared for conducting further analysis.
  • Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence – focuses on the development of patient-specific personalized solutions for bone regeneration. It includes biomaterial composition, geometry and bioactive compound delivery. 
Healthcare sector in Latvia

 ​​​The health care field has vast potential due to a combination of highly qualified labour, low cost, and good facilities. Besides that, Latvia is home to many promising healthcare start-ups such as Anatomy Next, Cast Print, and CheeksUp that have gained international recognition. To get further information on Healthcare sector in Latvia click here.

Life science sector in Latvia

 Latvia’s life science sector is a true gem. It is a driving force for innovations, growth, and competition, promoting sustainability and high added-value products and services. Historically deeply rooted in Latvia, today this sector combines strong R&D capability, established manufacturing infrastructure, and geographical and cultural proximity to Eastern and Western markets. To get further information on Life science sector in Latvia click here.



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