What do we usually wish each other on birthday's and other celebrations? Well, apart from Mr. (Mrs.) Big and million dollars. Of course, health. Something money can't buy. Something very important, precious, we tend to forget and remember only when we start feeling aches, pains or some other discomfort in our body. 

Nowadays advancements in health care and scientific discoveries allow people to live longer than their parents and grandparents. Health care is provided by the health care sector. The better the sector, the better the outcomes and treatment results. 

As regards to us the Latvian Health Care sector has recently undergone restructuring and budget cuts aiming at increasing the sectors’ efficiency, which will facilitate the introduction of private health care. The potential of the sector lies in the combination of highly qualified labour, low cost and good facilities. 

Also many foreigners see the potential of our health care system. As medical tourism is an emerging sector, building on Latvia’s reputation as a spa destination, excellent location and high standard health services at a low cost. These services include aesthetic treatments, IVF and fertilization treatments, various surgeries, dental work and many other health care services people come to Latvia to perform. 

Besides that, Latvia is home to many promising healthcare start-ups such as Anatomy Next, Cast Print, CheeksUp.

Main subsectors

Medical rehabilitation, phlebology, stomatology, oncology, diagnostics, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, infertility treatment and childbirth, aesthetic dermatology

Fast facts

  • We are proud of our closeness to nature and ability to enjoy natural healing resources, be it northern healing herbs, mud, sea water, fragrant pine forests and many other things.
  • We combine our nordic heritage, traditional wisdom and natural resources with world-class medical education that is available in Latvia.
  • Many people say that they visit our country because here they can consult and get treatment with highly qualified medical specialists at competitive costs.
  • Our medical achievements speak for themselves. As satisfied patients recommend our medical facilities to friends and family near and far. No wonder because we offer high success rates for treatments.
  • We constantly upgrade our medical tools and devices offering state-of-the-art medical equipment, e.g. among the 6 leading countries in phlebology.
  •  Each year many people from Scandinavia, Russia, and Western Europe come to Latvia to regain their health and beauty. We thank our geographic location and good connections for that.
  • Remember the time when you tried to unsuccesfully explain to the resort doctor that your head hurts and he gave you a pill against stomach ache? Well, here it will not happen as we provide nearly non-existent language barriers. Our doctors and medical staff usually speak three languages, some even four or five.
  • More and more people are visiting Latvia not only to delight their eyes with Art Nouveau buildings, see the beautiful Old Riga and engage in delicious food tasting adventures but to perform various medical and aesthetic treatments. Let us introduce you to the promising new business opportunity: medical tourism.

Industry leaders

  • Capital Clinic Riga is the top-level healthcare clinic in Riga that offers a wide range of medical services, including the most modern physical examinations and treatments provided by high class physicians and specialists in their fields.
  • EGV Clinic is working in the fields of reproductive health and fertilization offering outstanding specialist team who can resolve the most challenging cases, provide advice, and share experience to prevent reproductive health disorders.
  • Dr. Mauriņš Vein Clinic is one of the most modern laser surgery and vein treatment clinics in the Europe. Using modern, safe and approved methods thousands of patients receive the best treatment for their varicose veins, trophical ulcers and other vein problems.
  • Genera is specializing in molecular genetics testing for almost 20 years and is a certified diagnostic laboratory using only up-to-date equipment that allows to perform a wide range of genetical analyses.
  • IVF Riga is the leading specialist in the sphere of infertility treatment with the mission to provide treatment of complicated infertility pathologies as well as to provide a chance for pregnancy even after previous unsuccessful treatment courses.
  • Medical Center “ARS” is one of the largest and highly esteemed medical clinics in Latvia, bringing together leading medical specialists and using up-to-date technologies, innovations and recent scientific discoveries in all its branches.
  • RSU Nuclear Medicine Clinic is a newly built nuclear medicine clinic with the up-to-date medicine technologies, equipped laboratories, cyclotron and the only new generation PET/CT scanner in Latvia. 
  • Anatomy Next provides anatomy learning tools for students and teachers which are built to guide the learning process through interaction and manipulation of the anatomical models through multiple platforms.
  • Cast print is a custom-made, 3D printed cast for various types of fracture injuries. Cast print products are lightweight, ventilated and with a waterproof solution that allows a person to have a comfortable recovery period.

Industry statistics

  • Infertility issues are some sensitive stuff required to be taken care of in the most gentle, responsible and efficient way. Latvia is among the leading European countries in treating infertility.
  • Patients trust us and we work even harder empowered by their trust. Latvia’s clinics have a success rate of well over 50%.
  • In patients up to 30 years of age, fertilisation is successful in over 70% of cases, which is one of the best results in Europe, allowing more and more families to fulfil their parenting dreams. 

Employment and education

  • If you walk through the halls of Riga Stradiņš University during a busy afternoon in the middle of the school year don't be surprised that you will hear many languages. Riga Stradiņš University (RSU) Faculty of Medicine is becoming increasingly popular among foreign students due to its competitive education and tuition fees in Europe. More than 2000 foreign students, top countries are Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, India.
  • University of Latvia (UL) has developed an Academic Science Center which provides an opportunity both for students and academic staff to conduct world-class studies in state-of-art facilities. 
  • Some of us are lucky enough to remember that one special teacher who encouraged us and showed us our true path. UL Faculty of Medicine is the fastest growing and the most requested faculty of the University of Latvia, with leading Latvian and European healthcare professionals as lecturers. 

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