© chess24 was born in the Hamburg Chess Club when Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson pitched the idea of a small chess video website to Enrique Guzman, the co-founder of a successful education company. Enrique, who credits chess with giving him the ability to think in a structured and strategic manner, was happy to give something back to the chess world, but on one condition - that they would set about building the world's best all-round chess website.

© chess24 launched in 2014 with offices in Hamburg and Gibraltar and has grown into the best destination for watching top chess tournaments and enjoying the highest quality chess content online.

Play Magnus, an Oslo-based company backed by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, also launched in 2014, and in March 2019, the two companies combined forces. Play Magnus brings expertise in mobile apps and education with the direct involvement of arguably the greatest chess player of all time. The goal remains to deliver the world’s best chess experience.

In Latvia, the company is represented as ChessX. ChessX is a unique agile-environment tech startup that strives to provide the best online chess solutions on the market. Based on design thinking methodologies, we make sure that the users are at the centre of every decision that we make in our products. With CoChess being the first product of ChessX, we are providing the market with what is missing: a community-based learning platform linking chess players with experienced chess coaches. CoChess is the first-ever all-in-one coaching platform for chess.

Here in Latvia, the company makes sure that the platform is made and developed. Their developers, UI/UX designers, product & growth managers are a crucial part of this, and they make sure this is being developed and presented to the market.

“Doing business in Latvia has made it possible for us to find strong developers with a strong sense of responsibility” - Johan Denning, Growth Manager

Origin country: Germany, Gibraltar
In Latvia since: September 2019
Number of employees (2020): 11 (For ChessX) 


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