Bucher Municipal

Bucher Municipal Ltd is a subsidiary of Swiss group Bucher Industries, whose main course of action is utility vehicle manufacturing, sales and industry development.

The company started its business in Ventspils only with assembling line, but over time the company expanded its production process to include metalworking, welding and surface handling activities. In November 2015, the first ready-made machine for street cleaning came from the production line of Bucher Municipal, with the smallest body of all produced in Ventspils – 1 m3, today already 1 m3 to 4 m3 cars are produced in Ventspils.

Bucher Municipal in Ventspils is producing municipal vehicle – compact road sweeper. Worldwide Bucher Industries production consists of Sewer and drainage, Refuse, Winter road maintenance and Construction vehicles. The assembled technique is sent directly to contractors in France, Italy, UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, China and many other countries. 

The biggest strengths for Bucher Municipal in Latvia are flexible workforce, level of expenses in comparison with Switzerland and productive cooperation with Ventspils Municipality and Freeport of Ventspils.

“Availability of qualified welders and mechanics is one of the most essential requirements for us, and we have made investments in training employees, especially as we expand our operations here. Our decision in choosing Ventspils as our site was based on several considerations, including good overall entrepreneurial conditions; outstanding support from the Free Port of Ventspils Authority and the local municipality; lower levels of salaries compared to the Riga region; benefits from the free economic zone; a harbor with frequent ferry traffic to and from Germany; and proximity to the Russian market.” - Mikus Barkanskis, Plant manager

Origin country: Switzerland
In Latvia since: 2004
Number of employees (2020): 350
Total investment in Latvia: 25 189 017 EUR
Website: buchermunicipal.com/int


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