Engineering and metalworking

Care to answer a question? Name an industry that is stable, traditional and historically has been one of the leading industrial sectors in Latvia! Don't think too long. Of course, it is metal processing and engineering. 

Back in the day our country was one of the high-tech manufacturing centres for the Soviet military and aerospace industries. But now this sector has evolved and progressed into very competitive, innovative and productive industry. 

Let's add some more key advantages. First what comes in our mind are skilled and cost-efficient workforce, strong R&D capability, and...(drum rolls) comes a big one — our geographical location, meaning access to metal supplies from Russia and markets in the West. 

Main subsectors

Fabricated metal products, tool production, machinery and equipment, electrical engineering, shipbuilding, transport equipment, motor vehicles, trailers, telecom and fiber optics

Fast facts

  • This industry is as hard as steel both directly and figuratively. But it would not be such without a skilled and motivated workforce we are so proud of!
  • We did not pick our location, basically our location picked us and we hit a Jackpot! Being located between East and West and having accessibility to large markets.
  • Phrase "No man is an island" can be attributed also to sharing and access to suppliers and resources. We have plenty!
  • Nowadays you can have it all but when the infrastructure fails you also fail pretty much...Definitely not our case! We have a developed infrastructure appreciated by guests from near and far. 
  • Cost effectiveness examines both the costs and outcomes. Stop analysing as this is an industry providing it's customers cost effectiveness in the best meaning of this term. 
  • Though taking pride in it's historical legacy and traditions modern engineering and metal working industry provides and uses immense innovation and R&D opportunities.
  • Don't be afraid that your wise ideas will be lost in translation as our managers are at least trilingual (Latvian, Russian and English).
  • If you crave for more linguistic excellency you will be happy to know that many managers also possess German or Scandinavian language skills.

Industry leaders

  • East Metal has over 40,000 m2 of production space at its disposal divided into four plants in Latvia and Denmark. East Metal excels as a reliable partner in handling projects of complex steel structures and components as well as manufacturing projects for the wind energy sector, transport equipment, cranes and lifting gear as well as producing machinery and machine parts for the manufacturing industry.
  • Jensen Metal derives in supplying quality components, machines and entire systems in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The company has shown excellent growth in Latvia and has opened a new black steel manufacturing plant in addition to previous plant for manufacturing of components, machinery and systems in carbon and stainless steel. Almost all of manufactured products are exported to Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and USA.
  • SAF Tehnika has achieved excellence in modern wireless data transmission technologies and is one of world’s leading producers of microwave point-to-point radios and field-optimized portable spectrum analyzers and 99% of company’s production is being exported to more than 130 countries worldwide.
  • HansaMatrix is one of the leading Nordic and Baltic electronic system development and manufacturing companies serving the leading OEMs in their respective markets such as industrial, transportation, telecom, renewable energy, medical and defense industries. HansaMatrix operates Optical and Liquid Crystal Display system manufacturing facility in Latvia and provides its customers with world-class, cutting-edge, market-leading products.
  • Mikrotik provides hardware and software for Internet connectivity in most of the countries around the world, for example, Mitsubishi Motors, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson, Motorola and is even present in Mount Everest and used for travels to Mars. World Intellectual Property Organization has awarded MikroTik with WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy for innovative use of the IP system by the enterprise and successful corporate strategies for promoting respect for IP.

Industry statistics

  • Some say statistics are dull, we say statistics bring clarity. In light of this we counted that 20% of people employed in manufacturing are working in metalworking, machinery and electronics.
  • Not all good things have to be expensive. Latvia has one of the most competitive labour forces in metal article, machinery and equipment production in CEE countries in terms of wage adjusted productivity.

Employment and education

  • Emerging professionals in the engineering and metalworking industry better be decisive as they have a lot to choose from. There are 21 different educational institutions of different levels which prepare industry specialists.
  • To become a top-notch specialist you need a modern educational establishment to attend. It is good to know that vocational education institutions related to engineering sciences have been fully modernised, which is much appreciated by international companies and foreign investors.
  • Did you know that Riga Technical University (RTU) is the oldest technical university in the Baltic's established in 1862? RTU is the main university in Latvia focusing on mechanics and engineering.
  • Also RTU is the largest Latvian university by number of students - 14 322. It is truly appreciated in many countries of the world as almost 3000 of them are international students. 

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